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Current Skills to Work on

2nd Quarter Skills


‚Äč*Story Elements- Retell story (beginning, middle, end); Describe character and setting of a story; Tell the lesson/moral of a story.

*Questioning- Answer the 5 W’s questions (who, what, when, where, and why) after reading or listening to a story 

*High Frequency Words: without, something, were, gave, which, several, below, who, they, many, remember, write, street, began, their, pull, best, tell, almost, sometimes, some, around, carry, usually, does, upon, call, work, questions, have, are, fast, use, five, buy, children

*Phonics- Sound out words with long vowels (ai, ay, a_e, oe, oa, o_e, ie, i_e, u_e, ue)


*Add and subtract digit numbers within 20 (Ex. 9+4 or 17-9)

*Use strategies to add and subtract within 100 (Ex. 29+6 or 60-8)

*Solve one step word problems involving addition and subtraction (Ex. Ms. Johnson has 14 stickers. Ms. Menard gives her 25 more. How many stickers does she have? or Mrs. Houchins baked 45 cookies. She gave 26 cookies to her friends. How many cookies does she have left?)