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(573) 472-0707

About Me

Educational History:

I attended Sikeston Senior High School, and graduated in 1996.  I then went on to Southeast Missouri State University, and graduated with my bachelor degreee in 2000. I recieved my masters degree in 2015.

Professional Development:

I have attended many professional development workshops and conferences over my 18 years of teaching.  One I am working closely with now is developing our school’s PLC team.  PLC stands for Professional Learning Community.  It helps us to learn from each other and work closer as a staff.  I have also worked with our school’s PBIS team. I also had the awesome opportunity to go to the CORE Academy this summer.  I am always looking for ways to bring technology into the classroom to aid learning.


Current Position:

I started my teaching career in Sikeston at Southeast Elementary as a third grade teacher.  I  switched to fourth grade three years ago. I will be co-teaching with Ms. Sloan.  I will focus on ELA (reading, grammar, and writing).  Ms. Sloan will focus on math and science/social studies.  We will work on spelling in our homeroom.  

Family Information:

I am married to Mike Davis.  Together, we have 5 wonderful children.   Our daughter, Samantha, attends Sikeston High School, Sarah attends Jr High, and Jack is stuck here with me at Southeast Elementary!  It isn't easy being a teacher's kid sometimes!   Our oldest son, Jacob, graduated from Dexter last year.  Lance will be entering ninth grade in Dexter, as well.  We have one dog named Henry.  He thinks he is a cat and likes to sit on the back of the couch. 

Personal Information:

If I have any free time, I love to read.  I love the adventures and experiences that books can take you on.  I have enjoyed going to trivia nights.  So, if you hear of any, please let me know! I don’t always have the answers, but I enjoy getting together with friends for a good cause. 

Shannon Davis

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(573) 472-0707